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Danya + Joseph Philly Love Fo Real

Danya + Joseph LOVE exploring new foods all around the Philly area and are the owners of Philly Food Fo Real Instagram account. The two moved here from Chicago about a year ago when they noticed that Philly was missing some serious food recognition in the social media sphere. Their handle went live, food pics were snapped, and before they knew it, Philly Food Fo Real had become one of the most populated foodie handles on Instagram, showcasing some of the most delectable food in the City of Brotherly Love.

A lovely letter from the couple:

“We both are not from here, but we live here, and we are still exploring the city. So I picked places that we aren’t so familiar with but knew we would have a fun time. I knew La Peg was a beautiful space and right near the water, so we started there. There’s a great view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and the Delaware River from the outdoor patio, plus it’s a really fun and beautiful space. We sipped on our favorite drink there (tequila with an orange slice) and played some bags. After there, we went across the street to take some photos on Race Street Pier. Spruce Street Harbor Park was next and SO fun. We lied on hammocks, listened to live music, and ate some mini Federal Donuts. After that, we finished up near Head House Square on Pine and 2nd Street, in front of the beautiful red brick buildings on the cobblestone streets. It was a wonderful experience, and Ali, our photographer, made everything go so smoothly. We had so much fun, and she was great at facilitating the session without making it awkward!”

-Danya Snowsky